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Over the past few months I've thought about my business and how I had to change and adapt to the restrictions that Covid-19 bought upon us. I temporarily closed the doors to my photography studio back in April (open again in July yay!) during those three months I designed a whole new business selling fine art wall decor.

I then began thinking about other self employed/small businesses that have had to change their practices and the effect (good or bad) its had on them.

In May I came up with an idea to start a personal project that explores local businesses and the people who are behind them, through portraiture. My aim was to create a sense a community and togetherness during such uncertain times.

To hear a little more about the lovely people I've met and their wonderful businesses, head over to my Instagram page where I'll be posting daily updates about each person you see in the gallery below.

Thanks for stopping by,

NP x

Beth, Director of Aura Music Academy, Altrincham.

Paul and Claire, Owners of Uskees Clothing, Altrincham.

Alex, Landlord of The new Orange Tree, Altrincham.

Angela, Albex Residential Property, Altrincham.

Jeni, Ceramic Artist and owner of Lemon Studio and The Hive - Dunham.

Alex McCann, Altrincham HQ.

Helen, Strong Calm Yoga, Altrincham.

Mark, Graphic Designer at Altrincham Design Studio.

Miriam, Beautician at Mirrabel Mobile Hair and Beauty.

Ed, Traditional Medicine Practitioner.


Helen & pooch Bella, Lots of Walks, Altrincham.

John, Landlord of the Crown Inn, Northenden.

Alice, Oboe Tutor, Altrincham.

(Twitter) @alicebeckwith

Graham, Managing Director of Oakwood Valuation Surveyors Ltd.

Jason, Landlord of Bier Cell, Altrincham.

(Twitter) @biercell

Angela, Managing Director of The Farmart.

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