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Your Guide to a Family Photoshoot with Nicola Pass Photograpy

So you’re thinking of booking a family photoshoot but a little unsure of the process? Let me talk you though your photoshoot journey with me (and a few extra tips to help you on the day).

My priority is for your photoshoot with me to be a fun and happy one! Family portraits are precious, so it's my job to make sure they have a relaxed, natural and fun feel to them. This is your time to tell your story in photographs, and I want your family portraits to reflect this. My posing style is very natural, I try not to pose in the traditional sense. I ask families to interact with each other as well as with the me and my camera. Although don’t let those last few words put you off. Read on to find out why.


#1:The booking Process

To book a photoshoot with me you can either request a specific date under the 'book a photoshoot' page on the website, or contact me with your requirements via the 'contact' page. I will be in touch to talk about where you would like your photoshoot including dates and times. Once this has been confirmed you'll receive an email with details about your photoshoot.

#2: Organisation is Key

On the morning of the photoshoot make sure you give yourself plenty of time to eat, relax and arrive at the location in good time. The last thing I want is for you to arrive feeling stressed, hot and flustered. If you are running a little late, don't worry! Take your time and above anything else, make sure you and your family arrive safely. If we are photographing at your home, remember to make sure the room(s) we are using for photos is clear of anything that you don't want in the background on the photos. This could be things like toys, clothes etc.

#3: What to Wear

I often get asked this question and the answer is simply what you feel comfortable in! Dress to match the season. Dress to match you and your family's style. Neutral colours always photograph well, try to avoid big bright patterns or logos. If possible wear colours that compliment each other as a family. I’m only an email or phone call away, so if you’re still unsure I'm here to help. Pinterest has some great ideas for seasonal photoshoot wear. I have a Pinterest page with lots of ideas for photoshoot outfits. You can visit it by clicking on this link:

#4: Location, Location

Many of my clients ask me where the best place is to have a photoshoot, I always tell them the best place is somewhere that means something special to them. Maybe its a place you go for regular family walks, or where you would visit when you were younger with your parents. Theres a whole world of beautiful places to choose from. Many of my clients have their photoshoot take place at their homes too. Still unsure? Get in touch and I can recommend some lovely places that would be a perfect backdrop to your photographs.

#5: Photoshoot Day

Family photographs go beyond the simple recording of an instant. They speak to us, of who we are and who we love.

I mentioned in my blog 'My Portrait Session Packages Explained', that a few years ago I had a photoshoot with my daughter (when she was just a baby so maybe more than just a few) and I was absolutely adamant that I wasn’t going to be in any of the photographs. On the day the photographer convinced me to be in just a couple of pictures. I reluctantly agreed. Those first few clicks of the camera were so nerve wracking, but less than five minutes in I was loving it so much I didn’t want her to stop!

I promise, there’s absolutely no need to feel nervous on your photoshoot, after those first few clicks you’ll forget all about those nerves and really start to enjoy the experience. This is one of the reasons I ask you to interact with each other; not only to document moments that are genuine, intimate and to celebrate who you all are, but by doing this it takes your attention away from the camera, and those clicks!

#6: Communication

Throughout the photoshoot I’ll talk to you, guiding you though the whole time I'm taking pictures. I like to think i’m quite funny too, so I’m hoping that you'll laugh at some of my terrible jokes! If you have something on your mind, please do tell me. This could be anything from you need the loo through to an idea you may have for a photograph. Let me know so I can help solve what is on your mind.

I love to make my photoshoots really fun for the kids. I can also sense when they have had enough, this is usually around 45 minutes - 1 hour for a family of four. For larger groups I always advise around an hour and a half to ensure we capture all the individual groups as well as the main photographs of everyone together.

#7: After the Photoshoot

After the photoshoot your photographs are uploaded onto a private, password protected gallery, meaning you can view your photographs in the comfort of your own home, and choose your favourites in your own time. After the photoshoot has finished, I'll talk you though the next steps in more detail.

If you’re thinking about booking a photoshoot get in touch! I would love to help you create beautiful memories that you can look back on for years to come. You can email me on or call 07889494714.

Thanks for stopping by,

NP x


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