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Mindful Photography || Into the Woods

The Cloud in Congleton is one of my favorite hills to walk. I'll be honest, the first part of the walk reminds me that maybe I need to cut down on the cake and chips, but once I've tackled the stairs at the start of the climb and my breathing returns to normal, I convince myself it isn't so bad.

The cloud is quite a popular walk, attracting lots of people of different ages; couples, groups of friends, families, dog walkers. Part of the climb takes you though a section of woods, and even during the winter months, its a beautiful place to walk.

As we started walking, I had a conversation about photographing woods and how I find it quite a difficult task. I'm not a landscape photographer so I find photographing a group of trees together a challenge. What I see in front of me, is not what is usually reflected in my camera.

Then I started thinking about what makes up a forest? All the little (and big) things that make it a whole. We see the forest and all its beauty, but actually the finished product is made up of lots of smaller things too, which makes it one big beautiful whole.

In that moment I'd found the theme for my mindful photography walk.

I started looking for the smallest of details. From old leaves still hanging onto branches, to new buds forming. Tree bark and what grows on them, brown and green colours entwining as winter slowly turns into spring. The old and new gracefully passing each other, slowly and gently. Light reflecting off damp leaves and moss, glistening in the sunlight.

I was aware of how warm I was as I climbed up the hill. I always wrap up warm and once I'm half way up I start to regret wearing all those layers. When we reached the top I couldn't be more thankful for the cool wind. As part of my mindful walks when I reach the destination I spend a few minutes just to catch my breath, sit quietly and take in the amazing views around me. This is almost always coupled with a flask of coffee and just the very smallest slice of cake...

Here are some of the photographs I captured that day;

I even managed to get a snap on my phone of this cheeky chap! Say cheeeeese!

Feeling inspired to try your own mindful photography walk? Please do let me know! Id love to hear all about your mindful walks and the photographs you capture. Email with your story.

Thanks for stopping by,

NP x


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