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Newborn Stories

As parents of a newborn baby, you may feel like the days and nights are blurring into one, filled with feeding, nappy changes, lots of snuggles, rocking and snoozing (when you can!) But as a parent of a soon to be 14 year old, these first precious moments go in a flash. They are replaced with new precious moments that all make the building blocks to your own unique and beautiful family story.

Why photograph people at home?

Photographing my clients at home enables me to photograph them in the most authentic way, which I call storytelling. One part of my job that I love is getting to tell so many different stories though my photographs, knowing that they will be treasured forever, and seen by many generations to come. There is some creative direction during the photoshoot, but that is subtle. My aim is to capture real moments, that aren't over styled or forced.

Head over to the blog; 8 benefits of having your newborn photographed at home to find out more about my newborn photoshoots.

Here are a selection of my favourite photographs from a recent newborn at home photoshoot.

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NP x


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