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Terms of Use


All of the information on this website including photographs, text, logo and graphics are owned by Nicola Pass Photography and covered under the Intellectual Property Rights and UK Copyright Law.

None of the materials on this website may be reprinted, copied, republished, modified or distributed in any form without express written permission from Nicola Pass. By entering this website you automatically agree to the above. 


When enquiring or booking a photoshoot, Nicola Pass Photography may store your data on a private internal database. This data will not be made available to outside companies or individuals. Should you wish to have your data removed from the database, please advise in writing and retain your confirmation. 


Marketing/Spam Emails from Visitors to the website

Under GDPR Laws any persons visiting this site should not obtain the email address for anything other than enquiries relating to the services offered on the website. It is forbidden to use the email address for marketing emails without the prior permission of Nicola Pass.

The email address and the ‘contact’ section of this website is for those who are intending to book a photoshoot, or would like more information relating to the services offered on the website.

‘Spam’ emails will be deleted, removed and the user blocked from the site.

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