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Festive Altrincham!

Every year at Christmas Altrincham businesses take part in the BID's Festive Window Competition and this year I was thrilled to be asked to photograph the finished masterpieces! The competition was judged this year by Sue Aldridge, CEO of Sale and Altrincham Chamber of Commerce. There is also a peoples choice award, where residents can vote for their favourite window by liking the photograph on Altrincham Today's Facebook post.

Here are just some of the businesses that took part this year;

Not forgetting Aura Music Academy where my photography studio is based...

Although I wasn't officially entered into the competition, Beth, Director of Aura Music Academy (where my photography studio is based) was kind enough to let me decorate one of the windows for Nicola Pass Photography! I designed an interactive Christmas Selfie window, complete with props, fairy lights, snowflakes and tinsel.

Later that afternoon, as I already had my tripod with me, I decided to use the opportunity to experiment with photographing light trails.

To make this kind of a photograph a long shutter speed is used to create light trails from passing traffic, so a tripod is essential. If this was attempted whilst holding the camera the picture would just look blurry.

Heres the result of my first try:

Not too bad for a first attempt, although it does need some work. In this photograph the light trails were created by a bus passing by, but because the bus was slow moving from the left hand turn it took out of the station we are still able to make out it's shadow towards the back of the image that should not be seen. Moral of the story? Photograph a vehicle thats moving a little faster.

Do you have a tripod? Why not try creating a photograph with light trails too?

To find out more about Altrincham's Festive Window Competition and to find out who won, click here:

Thanks for stopping by :)

NP x

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Belinda C
Belinda C
08 sept. 2021

Great reading your bblog post

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