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My Portrait Session Packages Explained

Around 10 years ago I was bought a fabulous gift, a professional photoshoot for myself and my daughter. I was so excited and when the day arrived, I couldn't wait. The photoshoot itself was amazing, we both loved every minute. The photographer was fantastic, Ellie was relaxed, and to say I didn't want any photographs of myself I was pretty much fabulous-ing it up in front of the camera for most of the photoshoot!

Then came the time for the viewing of the photographs. It was a promotional photoshoot, the session was free along with one 5x7 print. When they told me the prices my heart sunk. There was absolutely no way I could afford one extra print let alone a few. Now, please don't get me wrong, this isn't about what other photographers charge, we all have bills to pay and families to feed. There probably will be people out there that could afford something a little more expensive, but unfortunately at the time, that wasn't me. I was a single mum with a baby, so professional photographs were just out of the question. But because I have such wonderful people in my life, I was bought a couple of prints as part of my present, and I still love them to this day.

Now my little girl is now heading towards teenager-hood (argh) I think back to all of those beautiful photographs of my baby that were deleted; disappearing into cyberspace, never to be seen again. It makes me feel so sad.

The good news is: When I'm taking your photographs you don't have to take a second mortgage out to have those beautiful photographs placed on your wall.

After I had graduated and first started my little business in 2017 I decided that many of my photo-sessions would include ten beautifully edited digital images, and just recently I have upgraded those packages to include professionally printed, high quality photographs to accompany them. I want you and your family to be reminded of this special part of your lives. After all, isn't that why you're thinking of having a (very exciting) professional photoshoot?

My studio photoshoots are individually priced and range from £110 for a mini session through to £185.00 for a family photoshoot. Sessions come with between five and ten digital images and professionally printed 10x8 photographs. (Amounts vary for each package).

Why have I included prints?

We all have super busy lives and sometimes getting around to printing those photographs just gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Those beautiful photographs stay on your computer for months, sometimes years. Ok, so we may change our profile picture on Facebook, or we upload one to Instagram, but when I think about those gorgeous images locked on a laptop or phone I cry (in my head obviously) "noooooooooooo, get them gorgeous faces up on your wall!" (as in wallpapered wall, at home) for you, your family and your guests to see!


I love telling stories though photographs, and placing your photographs together in a collage photo frame is the perfect way to tell yours. You can get high quality photograph frames without it costing the earth!

I'm sure you're already aware that Ikea sell good quality photo frames at reasonable prices. I have always bought my photo frames from Ikea, even for my photographs that were displayed in exhibitions! That's, in my opinion, how good the quality of the frames are.

Wall Art

It's surprising how many conversations I've had with friends and family about a blank wall in their home and what to to with it. My suggestion of course is always have photographs up! Having a mix of different sized frames and arranging them into a collage is such a creative and beautiful way to use the space.

The choices are endless when you have a selection of high quality beautiful images to get creative with.

The digital images

Prints are delivered to your door, and your beautifully edited full res digital photographs (meaning you can print them as many times as you like and as big as you like) are sent directly to you via email. If you would like to have your photographs delivered to you on a USB, please let me know on the day of the booking and I will send you prices.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to frame your photographs at home, ask me! Thats what I'm here for. Once you have your photographs contact doesn't have to stop there, I'm always around to give you advice about your pictures when you need it.

If you are looking for something slightly different to a framed photograph such as canvas or acrylic prints I can supply these too! You can also purchase larger and smaller prints. If you fancy a little treat for yourself or someone else, please get in touch with your enquiry.

If you would like to talk about a photoshoot or book one for you and your family click on one of the links below!

Want to purchase the gift of a photoshoot for friends or family? I provide gift vouchers too!

Thanks for stopping by,

NP x

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