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Event | The Launch of Breastfeeding Friendly Manchester

On Friday 4th August I had the opportunity to take photographs for the launch of the Breast Feeding Friendly Manchester Campaign on behalf of St Mary's Hospital, Manchester. The campaign is a new initiative that has been created by the Manchester Health and Care Commissioning.

Cafes and businesses can to sign up to the campaign and show their support to mums by displaying a breastfeeding friendly mark in their window. Coronation Street's Jennie McAlpine (who is so lovely and the cakes at Annie's are AMAZING) showed her support by hosting the launch and displaying the first breastfeeding friendly mark in her restaurant in Manchester.

(Above) St Mary's Manchester NICU Feeding Advisor Toni and Jennie McAlpine outside Annies.

I remember when I breast fed my daughter for the first time in public. We had gone out for Sunday Dinner at a very busy local restaurant in Altrincham and I was terrified. I remember feeling so worried that someone would comment negatively, but luckily for me I don't think anyone even noticed I was feeding her. In fact, I never received one negative comment in all the times I did feed her in public. One lady did approach me in a cafe in the Trafford Centre to praise me (quite flamboyantly) for breastfeeding in public, and in all honesty I didn't quite know if to feel proud or slightly embarrassed.

After talking to one of the mums that day at Annie's I now know not all women get the same reaction from the public as I got when I breastfed in public places.

Lets hope that by having this mark on display will encourage more mothers to breastfeed in restaurants and cafes without feeling worried or nervous about feeding their baby.

(Below) Jennie placing the breastfeeding mark on the door of Annies.

For more information, or if you have a business and would like to join the scheme you can visit:

NP x

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