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Creative tips for spooktastic photos at Halloween!

Last week we took the kids pumpkin picking. I've been so caught up in planning and other day to day stuff that I realised I've hardly taken any photographs of my own recently. We were all so excited about our day out that this has to be a day for lots of photographs!

To celebrate Halloween, I thought I would share some of the photographs I captured and put together a blog with a few tips to help you get the most out of photographing the kids this spooky season.

Skip the cheese.

I'll admit, sometimes I love a good 'cheeeeeeese' face, but those natural smile shots are just magical. When people laugh they smile with their eyes and this will really stand out in your photographs.

Action shots.

If your child(ren) are anything like mine, as soon as they see a camera they either turn into a supermodel or cover their face and run away. This is where action shots (as I like to call them) come in handy. Taking a few candid snaps when they are busy not only allows you to photograph them without pulling your hair out, but it also means you can create a full story of your day.

Don't just photograph the kids.

I love stories, and whether its just one, or a group of photographs together they all tell a tale. Documentary has got to be one of my favourite genres of photography. When we take photos we are documenting our lives, so that in the future we can look back at the fun times we had with a big smile.

From costumes to cobwebs, make sure you capture everything.

Get down to their level.

When you get down to their height to take a photograph, you see the world from a totally different view point, their view point! Try kneeling down a little further away when you take the photograph so you capture whats around them too, I think you'll like the results!

Cool photo apps for your mobile phone.

Huji - Adds great filters to your photographs.

There are many different photo editing apps out there, Huji is just one example of what is available.

When you take a photograph, the app automatically adds a filter which gives the image a late 90's disposable camera look. It also adds light leaks onto some photographs, although the light leaks only appear randomly and when the photographs are taken in daylight.

Why not try taking some of the kids in their costumes and see if you get some spooky effects!

Above anything else photography should be enjoyable, so when capturing special moments make sure you have fun! P.S - Don't forget to get in a few of the snaps yourself...

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween with lots pumpkins, trick-or-treating and other spooky goings on!

Happy snapping,

NP x


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